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Range of payment options:  pet insurance and more

You can pay for our services in a range of ways, including through your pet insurer, over the phone, by booking online, by requesting us to email you a payment link, or even by post!  Payments are required upon booking.  Our accepted payment methods include…

      • Bank transfer
      • Cheque
      • Debit or credit card
      • PayPal
      • Pet Insurance – claim-backs or pre-authorised direct claims
      • Instalments
Are my payments secure?

Our merchant payment providers are Authorised Payment Institutions regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and  comply with all the strict required industry standards (PCI-DSS compliance). They never sell information to third-party vendors.  They protect their systems with industry-leading technology and security controls.  Security is of the utmost importance to us, so you can rest assured that your data is handled with the utmost care according to our privacy policy.

What is your refunds and cancellation policy?

Note there is a cooling-off period of 14 days from the time of booking.  However, if you choose for the service to take place within these 14 days, then you lose your right to cancel with a refund.

After the cooling-off period, regrettably, we only provide refunds in exceptional circumstances, which unfortunately excludes an animal no longer being in your possession.

  • The fee is non-refundable for clinic and first aid call appointments, as various resources need to be organised for your pet for the day.
  • For all other services, if you cancel more than 5 working days before the appointment day, £100 is retained to cover admin costs, or you can reschedule your appointment (no more than two times).
    • Any cancellations received within less than 5 working days of the appointment will result in retention of all the fee. 
    • Please note that the full fee for a behaviour consultation is due once you have had the initial assessment, even if you choose not to take advantage of all aspects of the service.

The full terms and conditions can be read here.

Pet Insurance

With our qualifications, our clients can often claim back our fees on many pet insurance policies, but all individual policies are different so you will need to check with your insurer. Usually, we recommend that you pay for the consultation on booking and then claim the money back to yourselves via the insurance – for many insurance companies this means after the behaviour assessment, you submit the receipt for the consultation to your insurance company along with your vet referral and clinical history. Sometimes insurers also request our report, which you will receive soon after the consultation.

Are you with PetPlan, Agria Pet Insurance or Animal Friends?  If so, you may be able to setup a direct claim – i.e. request your insurer to pay us directly via a pre-authorised claim.

How do pre-authorised direct claims work?

  1. Request a vet referral
  2. Email us your chosen service and your pet insurance certificate
  3. We submit a pre-authorisation request to your insurer
  4. If successful, we normally hear back from your insurer within three working days
  5. Pay us the full excess of your insurance policy and authorise us to securely store your card details
  6. We’ll book you in for the next our available appointment
  7. Before the appointment, you need to raise an insurance claim, quoting the pre-authorisation reference number and requesting the insurer pays us directly
  8. If we do not receive the full payment from your insurer within 4 weeks after the appointment, then the remaining balance will be taken from your card

Got a question?

get in touch or call us on 0121 299 0188

Paying in instalments

There are two interest-free pay-later or instalments payment options – via either Klarna or ClearPay.  If you miss a payment to one of these providers, then late-payment fees may be charged by them, but late fees are capped at £25. If you have any questions about your payment plan, then as your payment agreement is with Klarna/ClearPay, you will need to contact them directly.

1. Book & pay via online link with Klarna

3 monthly payments or delay payment for 30 days

Note when paying us through this link, you will need to remove the services you do not need and select ‘Klarna’ as your payment method.  Once confirmed, please email or call us so we can schedule you into the next available appointment.

2. Book & pay over the phone with ClearPay

4 instalments over 6 weeks

If you are in the UK, give us a call on 0121 299 0188 and have your smartphone handy.  During our call, you will receive a text message and you need to select the ‘ClearPay’ option.  Stay on the phone with us and follow the on-screen instructions.  Then we’ll book you into the next available appointment with us.

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