Budgies, Zeus & Nardie


Even the budgies who were easily spooked respond well to me now and really love their fly time!  

When they are out they know the drill and do very well at coming in and out of the enclosure. Thank you so much Zoe for sharing your expertise and giving me so many tips for improving my budgies' lives. I have never liked the idea of birds in cages, and when I decided to take on these rescues I really had to learn quick how to give them the best possible environment. Thanks to your help they are healthy, happy, noisy, and no longer trying to breed all the time! 

When I first started my training with Zeus I couldn’t have imagined the change I have seen - every time we go out I am reminded that he is a brilliant dog and that it was mainly me that needed training. Even after only a going out with Zoe a few times the change is huge - I am confident, and even when I do see potential encounters I have learned how to control my nerves and we are now both fully enjoying our time out. 

To see Zeus playing happily with another dog was incredible and we couldn’t have done it without Zoe. Always looking forward to the next time now!