Murphy & Anna

Murphy the dog

Murphy was scared of the vets and generally a little OTT. Things are now going really well - amazing Zoe! Thank you for coming over and giving very sensible, practical advice.

Murph now sits patiently on the mat by the back door while I get my shoes on, coat on and lead out. He also sits by my side while I open the back door and waits for my say so before he leaps out the door! Much more controlled, calmer behaviour.  He is walking on the lead much better too. He was always good on the way home, but always tugged on the way out. Now no tugs on the lead!

Haven't quite made it to the vets yet, but we are working on it!  Now working on tricks on his mat in prep for the vets.  Sit, down and look in his ears etc. I have even let him sniff the vets step most times we walk past. Onwards and upwards!

Murphy is a lovely dog and a few issues had become huge, whereas they were easily correctable. 

Best wishes,