Nala the dog

If you're looking for someone to sort out your pet's behaviour, that you know it's weird and don't have a clue why they're acting like they are, then contact Second Nature.

Zoe has been amazing and gone the extra mile with us. From diagnosing our newfie with anxiety to putting in practice an action plan but above all, always telling us the truth, even if it means saying to us that Nala's behaviour will take a long time to fix. Zoe has always been there to listen to my worries and to be updated on Nala's progress. 

I wish I had contacted Zoe a long time ago. There's still a long way ahead but every penny has been worthwhile and every effort put into changing Nala's behaviour (and I mean, a lot of effort - unfortunately sometimes having a dog is not only letting him out for toilet and feeding twice a day) has been made knowing we have Zoe to direct us (or change course) on the best approach.

Thank you so much,