Dr. Zoe Demery

Zoe Demery

Growing up among a menagerie of animals made Zoe fascinated with working out what makes animals tick. This culminated in her doctorate at the University of Birmingham in animal cognition and behaviour. She was particularly interested in how parrots learn about the world around them, but applied her work to a range of other animals too. Since then, she has been keen to put her findings to practical use by helping both animals and the people they live with understand each other better.  

Zoe has published, taught and given talks on how different animals think through a wide range of media, in the UK and abroad. Previously, she gained a first joint honours BSc degree in Zoology and Psychology at the University of Bristol. In the past, Zoe has worked with a range of animals in a variety of environments - from radio-tracking Spectacled Bears through the Andes, to working out the emotions of lab rats, to training dogs for rehabilitation at the RSPCA in Hong Kong.

Zoe currently working through the accreditation scheme for Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourists, which is the only independent scheme in the country, run by the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB). She is also very happy to be a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC), which means having gained the relevant academic qualifications, she is gaining the years of practical experience necessary for full membership.

From 2013, Zoe helped grow 4-Legs-Good Pet Behaviour Counselling with Claire Kirby into the social enterprise (Community Interest Company, or C.I.C.) it is today.  Second Nature Behaviour still works closely with 4-Legs-Good, broadening the scope and accessibility of animal behaviour counselling services to a wider range of people (and animals!) throughout the Midlands.

Maggie Karuga

Maggie Karuga

Maggie has been managing the Second Nature office since 2015. She loves being a listening ear to anyone with pets with behavioural issues; offering support and at least some consolation over the phone. But more than that, she loves hearing their success stories. Maggie is a pet lover and a mum of two boys. In her spare time she enjoys travelling, photography and is currently studying part-time for a Masters degree in international development. She also believes she is a good dancer.

Diana Wheat

Diana Wheat

Diana heads up our reception team and as a passionate pet owner of two French bull dogs she very much enjoys hearing all about your pets and what they are like. As a nation of animal lovers, Diana appreciates how important your furry and feathery friends are to you all and their well-being.

"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a pet makes you rich” 

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