Cat behaviour consultations

Cats are sensitive beings, who can become easily stressed by changes in their home and/or local neighbourhood environment. Our cat behaviour consultations provide expert advice and support with your cat’s behaviour concerns.

Common behaviour problems found amongst cats include:

    • Toileting including spraying and marking;
    • Aggression;
    • Problems between cats in the same household;
    • Problems with other cats in the neighbourhood;
    • Excessive vocalisation;
    • Self-mutilation.

The best option for most cat behaviour problems is a home visit 2 hours’ consultation on referral from the veterinary surgeon. This includes a tailor-made report sent to you after the initial consultation, a follow-up session, as well as optional weekly check-ins via calls, WhatsApp text or email for 6 weeks. Prices for our cat home visits are dependent upon how far you are in from us and who you would like to lead your consultation. 

Some feline issues may be appropriate for our clinic consultations.  We also offer virtual video consultations for cats around the around.  You can book an appointment through our web site, or give us a buzz to chat through things further.

Cat hiding under furniture

Fears and anxieties

Cat toileting in garden

Toileting and spraying issues

Inter-cat relationships

Over-grooming or Pica

Aggression to humans

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