Dog behaviour consultations

Second Nature Behaviour can offer you and your dog years of experience in dealing with anything from simple training issues to serious canine behavioural disorders. Common behaviour problems found amongst dogs include:

      • Aggression both towards other dogs and people;
      • Separation problems;
      • Destructiveness;
      • Toileting problems;
      • Excessive barking;
      • Nervousness, fears and phobias;
      • Excessive territoriality;
      • Car problems;
      • Livestock chasing;
      • Self-mutilation.

Our most popular option is to have a home visit consultation on referral from a veterinary surgeon. You receive a dog training manual and a tailor-made treatment plan, followed by further visits where necessary. At least 3 months of remote follow-up support is included.

Prices for our home visit consultations are dependent upon how far you are away from us and who you would like to lead your consultation.  You could alternatively come to one our regional or virtual behaviour clinics with your dog, which is a more affordable, but not as thorough an option.  You can book an appointment through our web site or contact us if you have further questions.

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