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Parrot training

Parrots are intelligent and unique. At Second Nature Behaviour, we can help you unveil your bird’s hidden talents with expert, personalised care and reward-based training.  

Why Us?

  • Expertise: Over 10 years’ experience perfecting parrot training.
  • Holistic:  We focus on bond-building, not just tricks.
  • Adaptable: Training tailored to your goals and parrot’s needs.

The One-on-One Edge:

Each parrot deserves individual attention.

  • Custom Lessons: Aligned with your parrot’s temperament.
  • Deep Connection: Strengthening your parrot-owner bond.
  • Skill Mastery: Basics to advanced tricks mastered progressively.
  • Flexible Schedules: Catering to your availability.
Emma the vet
Jules and Linda
RSPCA Brighton
Lily & Kiki
Nicki the vet
Nardie's Flock
Cocky and Timothy
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