Veterinary referral

If you would like to refer a patient to us, you can fill out your referral online.  Alternatively, you can download our referral form and table of services, or the longer RCVS approved referral form. The forms and clinical history can be returned to us by post, fax, or email.  It is important for us to receive a clinical history for a full picture of the client.

Please bear in mind the ASAB and ABTC guidance documents for referral considering Covid-19.

Behaviour problems are common among household pets and the statistics for relinquishment and PTS for behaviour problems are alarming. It can be difficult for pet owners to know where to go to for help, especially as the pet behaviour profession is not yet fully regulated. This can be alleviated by qualified, experienced behaviourists working on veterinary referral. 

We offer a range of services to referred clients in the Midlands area. In most cases, the best solution is a home visit for an extended consultation. Every client receives comprehensive resources, which tie in with their tailor-made behaviour modification plan.  With inclusive telephone and email follow-up, this is an all-embracing service. We have the time to listen and support your clients.

We only work on veterinary referral, so if you patient approaches us, we will ask them to visit you first. Thorough veterinary investigation rule outs any underlying physiological causes prior to a behaviour consultation. Where there are physiological causes, there may be additional behaviour elements that can be referred on, but only once the medical issues have been resolved.  

We believe it also important to keep the vet up to date, so you will receive a copy of our report and feedback on how the client is progressing. While we attempt to keep in close contact throughout behaviour modification, we ask you also to kindly keep us informed of any development from your perspective on the client's behaviour problem, so that we can best serve the client.  Please do feel free to contact us at any point.

Data protection notice:  Second Nature Behaviour will use personal data about you for the purpose of providing animal behaviour counselling services, as well as for our internal administration and management purposes.  We will treat all of this information in confidence and keep it secure.  We may need to share it with veterinary staff and other animal care professionals for the purpose of helping us to provide the animal behaviour counselling services to you, but will only do so with you permission.  For more information about how we use your data, please see our Privacy Policy, which also contains information about your privacy rights.