Dog consultation package

The best progress is made by dogs and their owners when they continue to be supported by the behaviourist in their own environment beyond the initial consultation.  Advancement through the behaviour plan is clearer when we can directly see how your dog is responding to treatment.  Techniques can be much more easily demonstrated to ensure that you all keep on track.  We can also adapt the plan more efficiently based on your feedback, such as by seeing how it’s all fitting into your lives.

Therefore, the standard behaviour treatment we offer for dogs includes at least 3 home visits, which are tailored to you and your dog’s requirements.  Alternatively, you can choose 6 or 12 month packages.  The initial assessment in your home is where you go through your dog's history with the behaviourist and they observe your dog within their familiar environment.  Once we've worked out the reasons behind the behaviour problem, we can design a treatment plan to suit you and your dog.  

Soon after this first session, you receive a report outlining each stage of the plan, which ties with a dog behaviour and training manual.  We help you progress through the plan with further follow-up visits.  Each follow-up session lasts 1 hour and the location can vary, such as being from your home one week to going on one of your local walks another week.  We are also available for telephone, email and Skype support for 6 months after your last appointment with us.

The total cost is dependent upon the travel zone you are in from us - contact us to find out.  Alternatively, you can choose a 'mix-up' dog consultation package.  This is where the initial consultation is held at your home, but then the follow-up sessions are held at our clinic.  Your dog will almost certainly not be as relaxed in the clinic environment, but this is a more affordable alternative.  Note that clinics are only held during the day.

The first step is to attain a referral from your vet - we keep them informed at all stages of process about how your dog is getting on.  Then you can book the first appointment online here or by contacting us.  We generally recommend that follow-up appointments are booked about a month apart, but this can be adapted depending on how the treatment is going.  We can provide more in-depth follow-up support should you desire, such as with weekly or fortnightly visits - just ask us for details.

If you pay for the full amount in advance, then you receive a 10% discount.

Otherwise a deposit of £85 is required upon booking.  Then the remaining consultation balance is paid in monthly instalments by direct debit.

Note that you may be able to claim back the fees from your pet insurance company, but you will need to check with them first that your pet's insurance policy covers behaviour work.

It's important that you understand what your responsibilities and what our responsibilities are if you choose this service - read through the key facts about this service before you book.