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Virtual Behaviour Consultations

Get expert virtual behavior consultations for parrots and cats, right from the comfort of your own home. No need for travel.

We can offer virtual behaviour consultations for parrots and cats.  A home visit consultation is ideal to thoroughly assess your bird/feline, their environment and their family, but when geographical logistics just do not allow that, then technology comes to the rescue.  We support psittacine and feline owners around the world, regardless of time zone.

We use services like Microsoft Teams or Zoom, which require little technical fiddling, no installation and no account setups are needed if you’d prefer not to.  We just email you with a link to chat to our parrot or cat behaviourist right through your web browser on your computer, or on nearly any other smartphone or tablet.

Veterinary referral is still essential to check there is no physiological element to your parrot’s / cat’s behaviour problem. We then ask you to complete our questionnaire, draw a plan of your pet’s surrounding environment, take photos and videos, recording the behaviour if possible. This will allow us to better understand what is going on without actually being in your home.

As with home and clinic consultations, virtual behaviour consultations lasts about 2 hours. Parrot and cat expert, Dr. Zoe Demery, asks lots of questions to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Then with you, she will devise a bespoke treatment plan that suits you and your feathered/furry companion.

Ample resources tie-in with the report, which later is copied to your vet. A follow-up session and 6 weeks’ check-ins via phone, WhatsApp or email are included. Then there is regular follow-up support available as needed on a monthly basis. This all-inclusive behaviour consultation service costs GBP 250 for parrots and GBP 450 for cats.  Further video chats can be arranged as required (GBP 100 per hour).

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