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CPD talks for vets

Presenting CPD talks

Receive CPD on animal behaviour and training


The Certificated Clinical Animal Behaviourists (CCABs) at Second Nature Behaviour are happy to visit your vet practice to provide you with CPD.

Drawing on extensive past experience, the clinical animal behaviourists at Second Nature Behaviour can provide a variety of seminars or talks at your practice on a variety of animal behaviour or training topics of your choice. This can be to veterinary staff, or even to your clients. As CCABs, our animal behaviourists are highly qualified and experienced, and advocate for evidence and reward-based techniques.

Examples of CPD talks we can provide include:

  • Consent-based animal handling techniques;
  • Understanding the subtle body language signals of cats, dogs or parrots;
  • The types of behaviour problems experienced by cats, dogs and parrots;
  • Puppy socialisation, including habituating puppies to the vet practice;
  • Maintaining safety around aggressive or reactive dogs for veterinary staff and clients;
  • Reducing stress in companion animals in the vet practice;
  • Discussing research linking pain and behaviour in animals;
  • Discussing how vets and clinical animal behaviourists can collaborate to support caregivers and their animals with behavioural problems;
  • Running desensitisation clinics.

Our CPD is free of charge, but we do ask for a contribution towards our travel expenses. If you would like further details, please contact us.

We also provide free resources, such as animal behaviour and training handouts for your clients. FAB Clinicians have a range of other behaviour CPD material for vets.

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Book a CPD talk with Second Nature Behaviour

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