About Us

On veterinary referral, Second Nature Behaviour helps pets and their owners better understand each other, using reward- and evidence-based techniques. We provide expert advice and support with behaviour problems such as: aggression, phobias, overexcitability, compulsive disorders, age-related conditions and inappropriate elimination, destruction or vocalisations.

We counsel for dogs, cats and birds in and around the Midlands, primarily through home visits and behaviour clinics. Each individual and their family is provided with tailored support specific to their issues and circumstances. We are here to listen and work with you to find a kind, realistic solution. Having attained exceptional academic qualifications and extensive practical experience, Second Nature Behaviour is fully insured and committed to the highest ethical standards set by the profession.  We are run by Dr. Zoe Demery.

We will travel to see cases approximately 1½ hours' drive from Birmingham. This includes the West Midlands, Shropshire, Worcestershire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.

Marley and ElaineBudgies, Zeus & NardieTrinity, Bella and RachaelBillie, Tammy & MarySkye & LynetteOtis, Grace & DomNalaSadie, Julie & MarkFinn & DeborahDexter & DougieBracken & VivienneHarry & PhantomHettie, Lily & ChesterCookie, Storm, Andy & JulieBobby & JayneDon & PoppyAlfie & CharleyKizzy, Gyp, Barry & HilaryIrene & PaulineCharlie & MiloDotty, Annie & ColinMurphy & AnnaYogi & RupertBrambles & CorinneJessie, Charlotte & DanPebbles & familyBuzz, Andy & FayeFrank & LynneDylan, Juliet & CarlBailey, Andrew & DeniseCocoa & JuliaBlaze, Laura & GlynSophie, Chloe & RosieGoldie & LucyOzzy & BevErnie, Jennie, Ian & AlfieAlfie, Mary, Michael & ChrisBubba, Karen & GaryRiley & PaulChip, James & SarahEchoGracieTed, Rob and MichelleBenji, Dawn and PaulLuke, Harry and Trixy